Atlanta is ripe with evening entertainment options, but few of them make it as easy to enjoy as the Atlanta Comedy Theater. On today’s segment of Around Atlanta of Atlanta Real Estate Forum, House Emcee Kiana Dancie talks with co-hosts Mandy Holm and Todd Schnick about what guests can find at the theater.

Dancie says the theater has been around for about two years, and is in Norcross. Her role as House Emcee is to host many of the shows, as well as handle the needs of guest comedians and props, food and more for the acts and crew. She’s busy organizing and promoting the club when she’s not on stage.

On July 30, Darrel Hammond of Saturday Night Live fame is performing for one night only. Additionally, Kim Whitley and David Arnold have multiple shows from July 27 through July 29. Saturday nights, Wanda Smith hosts V-103 Night at the theater.  Other acts coming in August have been on HBO and BET, so there is always a new act to catch.

Dancie says that the Atlanta Comedy Theater is among the few venues that offer both free parking and a house chef cooking up amazing dining choices from simple appetizers to great burgers and everything in between. She says they also pour designer cocktails from the full bar.

The theater hosts Open Mic Night, where anyone working on a new set or breaking into comedy can take a crack at the stage. Improv troupes are invited to participate in this evening as well. The house can be booked for engagements.

Listen to today’s segment to learn more, call 770-724-6400 or visit them online for tickets and show dates.


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