The Atlanta Beltline: Connecting the ATL

Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick welcome the Atlanta BeltLine Communication and Media Relations Manager Jenny Odom to this week’s Around Atlanta segment. After volunteering between five and six years, Jenny was brought on board as a full-time employee and has worked on the Atlanta BeltLine project for over 7.5 years.

The Atlanta BeltLine is a project 20 years in the making with plenty of progress planned for the future. Upon completion, the project will include over 22 miles of light rail transit, 33 miles of trails and 1,300 acres of parks. Every year, different elements of the master plan are brought into fruition, connecting Atlanta through intricate trail systems and public parks.

The Atlanta BeltLine currently has five trails and seven parks complete with more on the way. The Eastside Trail completed last summer, is a 3-mile path starting in Monroe Drive in Midtown and ending on Memorial Drive. This popular trail connects neighborhoods in South Atlanta to each other and the Old Railroad Corridor through 11 convenient access points.

Starting this month, lights and upgraded security systems are being extended to certain trails, and the North East Trail is beginning construction. In addition to extensive trails and parks, The Atlanta Beltline is also home to the south’s largest outdoor art exhibition, affordable housing and economic development.

Upon total completion of the project, Atlanta residents can expect:

  • 33 miles of multi-use urban trails
  • $10 billion in economic development
  • 30,000 permanent jobs
  • 46 miles of improved streetscapes
  • 1,100 acres of environmental cleanup

Not only is The Atlanta Beltline working to connect the city by bringing it together as a community, but it is also helping the town grow economically, environmentally and physically. To learn more about The Atlanta Beltline, listen to the full interview above or visit

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Kaplan Residential Delivering the First Prescient Building in Atlanta

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Kaplan Residential Delivering the First Prescient Building in Atlanta

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