Kelvin Collins with Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. on Radio

Vice President of Economic Development Kelvin Collins with Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) joins the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio podcast to talk economic development, job creation and more. Collins joins host Carol Morgan on the All About Real Estate segment and touches on future affordable commercial space initiatives.

Kicking off the episode with a notable statement, Collins shared that “if it’s happening in Atlanta, it’s happening on the BeltLine.” Currently serving as the vice president of economic development for ABI, Collins has been a team member for the past 18 months. His previous experience includes government work across two administrations in New York and a 15 years-long commitment to community service. Collins shared that his career centers around implementing economic development to solve community-centric challenges.

Collins said, “The BeltLine is one of the most exciting projects that I’ve been [a part of]. I’m really excited to be here and share more of it with you.”

Years ago, the idea of repurposing the abandoned railroad and using it to connect a historically disconnected city seemed like a brilliant and obvious next step. The Atlanta BeltLine is a massive redevelopment and infrastructure project that leverages abandoned railroads to unite significant parts of the City of Atlanta. When completed, the green space will encompass 22 miles of transit and 33 miles of multi-use trails. 

Collins said, “There are so many components to this project, whether or not you’re talking job creation [or] green space [or] affordable housing. The Atlanta BeltLine touches a significant part of what makes Atlanta special.”

Through the phases of its development, the metro Atlanta green space has transformed into a destination and popular amenity. According to Collins, it will be a global beacon for equitable, inclusive and sustainable city life when completed. 

The developers’ goal is to create an easy-to-access space no matter where visitors or residents are in the city. The Atlanta BeltLine will be easily accessible, whether one is traveling to work, walking to school or simply looking for a way to unwind outdoors, from the north side to the south side of the city.

The development sits cattycorner to several schools and development projects, naturally increasing its accessibility as well as usage. Several developers are integrating access to the Atlanta BeltLine into their project plans, allowing visionary developers to imagine the value of the Atlanta BeltLine from a spatial dimension standpoint. According to Collins, this is only one component of the transformative nature of the project.

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