Atlanta home remodelingAre you looking to create a productive office space in your home, but don’t know where to put it? Atlanta basement finishing provides the perfect solution to your workspace woes.

Here’s a few of the tips and tricks our team uses when completing your basement office makeover:

  • Assess the basement: Before you start scheming, make sure your basement area is suitable for furniture, business equipment and other basics.
  • Check it out: As part of the per-construction process, our team will inspect your space for any leaks or other potential issues.
  • Control the noise: You’ll want to design your new workspace with noise in mind. Be sure to place it away from noisier parts of the house or basement such as a playroom or media room.
  • Plan it out: As always, before beginning any work, we’ll come up with a comprehensive plan of what your finished space will look like.
  • Separate entrances: If you’ll be working from home and will have plenty of client traffic to your office, you’ll want to consider putting in a separate entrance for them to use.
  • Adding on: Don’t just think a desk and business equipment, think of the bigger picture. Wouldn’t it be nice to also have a bathroom and kitchenette close by?
  • Light it up: Lighting is critical to any good workspace. Our professional Atlanta home remodeling team will make suggestions on which fixtures will work best with your design.
  • Store it all: Don’t forget about storage pieces. Utilize versatile pieces of furniture in your design such as an ottoman with hidden storage under the seat or a desk with plenty of nooks and crannies.

If you’re ready to create the perfect place for getting your work done within your home or for more information on all of our home remodeling and custom building services, visit the Cardinal Construction website.

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