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Ashton Woods Homes Wins Gold OBIE for Best Social Media ApplicationAtlanta Real Estate Forum congratulates Ashton Woods Homes for winning a Gold OBIE in the Best Social Media Application – Builder/Developer category for Aria. Presented by the Atlanta Sales and Marketing Council, the OBIE Awards are the premier awards given in the Atlanta new home construction industry.

Aria is a vibrant and electric place within a peaceful landscape that beckons you to discover and experience its sense of wonder that lies around every corner. Ashton Woods Homes needed to express this through social media to convey the appropriate message to its target audience and expand the Aria VIP list prior to the Grand Opening in February 2017, and to continue receiving new leads after opening. The builder accomplished the largest VIP list for any Ashton Woods neighborhood for Aria with Facebook serving as a huge contributor to this. With limited information to give in the beginning about Aria, Ashton Woods Homes did strategic, weekly Facebook posts leading up to the debut of Aria. In the posts, along with newsfeed retargeting, the builder used key messaging as well as watercolor renderings and later the Aria video and virtual 3D Flyover to encourage users to explore and register to learn more about Aria.

The builder boosted each post targeting people in the market looking for new homes in Atlanta as well as targeting certain income levels. These weekly posts continued with the addition of a Facebook Newsfeed Lead Generation ad helping the VIP list grow even further with a simple registration form on Facebook. This took away that extra step for people looking to become a VIP and having to go to the website to fill out the form. Convenience is everything!

To promote even more excitement, the team did the first ever Facebook Live for Ashton Woods from an Aria VIP Studio Preview Nights held at The Studio by Ashton Woods in October 2016. This generated excitement and got the buzz of Aria going even more. Ashton Woods Homes was then able to use bits from the Facebook live for future posts and messaging. To illustrate the reach here are some incredible numbers:

  • Organic Facebook Posts drove 2,583 Sessions and 41 Web Form Completions
  • The top Facebook post drove 94,896 reach with 969 likes, shares and reactions, 67 comments, 1,945 sessions, 60 web form completions and 5 dialog tech calls
  • The Aria Studio Preview night Facebook Live, has 20,787 views, 15,228 unique viewers, 305 sessions, 7 web form completions, 3 DialogTech calls, 221 like, shares and reactions
  • The Facebook lead generation ads drove 975 registrations
  • Total there were 16,372 page views to the website,, from Facebook.
  • 4,706 sessions total with the average session duration at 05:13

Facebook was a tremendous asset to Ashton Woods Homes in accomplishing, maintaining and growing the Aria VIP list. With a high conversion rate and low cost per lead, the primary leads acquired through utilizing this social media application has driven other divisions to look at using this method in Facebook for them. Facebook was critical for hitting the number of desired Aria VIPs and the builder couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Facebook contributed to 30 percent of the VIP list of 3,215 VIPs, the largest VIP list for any Ashton Woods neighborhood to date!

For more information, call 678-781-3170.

The Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association’s OBIE Awards celebrates its 37th anniversary in 2017. The awards began in 1980 and have grown throughout the years to include more than 100 building, remodeling, marketing and personal achievement categories. The OBIE Awards are named after the obelisk shape of the actual award given.

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