Atlanta new homesAshton Woods Homes, the largest builder of ENERGY STAR qualified homes in the Atlanta area, is preparing itself for the rigorous ENERGY STAR 3.0 guidelines that go into effect on all homes that close after Jan. 1, 2012.

Previous versions of the ENERGY STAR program emphasized high-performance heating and cooling systems as well as the use of energy-efficient products. The stringent new 3.0 guidelines require a focus on the design and installation of mechanical systems and ductwork, insulation and wall systems as well as moisture control methods.

“A lot of time, training and funding is going into ensuring we are compliant with the ENERGY STAR 3.0 program,” said Joel Geniesse, purchasing manager at Ashton Woods Homes. “As a result of the new stricter regulations, buyers will enjoy Atlanta new homes for sale that are even more energy-efficient and have improved indoor air quality.”

Ashton Woods Homes has been an ENERGY STAR partner since 2002, committing to build 100 percent of its homes up to the program’s standards. Since becoming a partner, Ashton Woods has built more than 2,100 energy-efficient homes in the Atlanta area; during April 2010 to March 2011, 319 were built.

In addition to the ENERGY STAR qualification, every new home built by Ashton Woods is rated energy-efficient through the PowerHouse Green with Environments for Living Program. Utilizing low-e windows, low-flush toilets and other low-energy features, home buyers can save up to 45 percent on their utility bills.

To start searching for your energy-efficient Atlanta home, visit the Ashton Woods Homes website.

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