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Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio is joined by Rami Putrus, owner of AArrow Sign Spinners, live at the 2015 OBIE Awards. Rami tells host, Todd Schnick, how he supports the real estate industry and appreciates the hard work and business provided.

AArrow Sign Spinners started in 2001 with just a couple of friends, a garage and a sign in San Diego, Ca. Arrow Sign Spinners is located on every continent now, except for Antarctica, and services over 40 cities in the United States. Rami spoke to the show about how much he appreciates the home building industry and how much they have helped his business grow throughout the years. “The home building industry has been the number one industry for me and my clients that we service as a business” says Rami. He also talks about his position on the Atlanta Sales and Marketing Council Board. Rami says that it is truly enjoyable being on the board – not just the people, but the times they share are always fun.

Home buyers will be seeing Rami all around this coming year. AArrow Sign Spinners has a big 2016 coming up with new clients such as Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, Amazon and much more. He hopes to be able to expand even further in to the real estate and home building world this year as well.

For more information on AArrow Sign Spinners, visit their website at aarrowsignspinners.com/.

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