Allergy season is approaching, and this Forecast Earth Video from the Weather Channel tells us it’s getting here earlier each year because of climate change. Alpharetta-based Haven Properties is here to help.

First, the increase in carbon dioxide in our environment has been shown to increase the potency of pollen. But Haven Properties has been building to Energy Star and Earthcraft standards for years in an effort to decrease carbon dioxide emissions from their homes. In fact, the US EPA has recognized them as an Energy Star Partner for three years running, noting the fact that their actions are helping to reduce greenhouse gases.

Second, people who suffer from allergies can live more comfortably in a Haven Properties home. Haven uses state of the art air filtration and tight construction to practically eliminate the pollen that comes into the home. Homebuyers have even let Haven know that they’ve had reduced allergy-related doctor visits and days missed from school after moving into their new Haven Properties homes.

Haven Properties has new homes in Cobb, Cherokee, Dawson, Douglas, Forsyth and South Fulton counties. And until May 31, the builder is sponsoring a Million Dollar Inventory Reduction, helping buyers save green and live green.

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