BUILD-PAC is the voice of America’s housing industry. Are you a member? If you work in the housing industry, I’d like to personally encourage you to join. BUILD-PAC is the Political Action Committee of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).  Advocacy and Political action are hugely important to builders, developer and others in the industry.

Become more involved with BUILD-PAC and the congressional political process. The best possible way to build a foundation for future success is to support BUILD-PAC. Housing is neither a Democratic nor a Republican issue — It’s an American issue. By supporting housing-friendly candidates on both sides of the aisle, BUILD-PAC will continue to open doors on Capitol Hill and will remain a powerful political action committee.

If you want to guarantee the strongest possible voice for housing in the halls of Congress, if you want lawmakers to consider the builder viewpoint when crafting legislation pertaining to environmental regulations, housing finance, housing-related tax preferences and a host of other concerns that impact your bottom line, then supporting BUILD-PAC is crucial.

Click here to make a BUILD-PAC donation.

There are lots of different levels for donating to BUILD-PAC.  Atlanta Real Estate Forum encourages you to give back at the level you are most comfortable. Let’s all work together to advocate housing!

Century Club – $100

Dollar A Day Club – $365

Gold Key Club – $1,000

Platinum Club – $2,500

Capitol Club – $5,000

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