ArchitextureThroughout the past year, the flooring industry has observed a new retro trend, a comeback of the hardwood flooring look from years past. Now, Construction Resources’ Builders Floor Covering & Tile is hopping on the bandwagon and providing new hardwood flooring options to give our customers the distressed, soft scraped, rustic look they are looking for. The company is now offering the Architexture line, one of Mohawk’s newest hardwood flooring introductions.

Architexture is an engineered hardwood that offers the timeless beauty that many of our customers are seeking in their flooring. These hardwoods provide a one-of-a-kind, wire-brushed texture that is unique from Mohawk’s other products. Additionally, Architexture hardwoods measure over seven inches wide and six feet long, giving the floors a deeper visual appeal.

Aside from a stunning look and feel, Architexture hardwoods offer a simple approach to maintenance and installation. Since the product’s beams are longer, the surface is smoother and uninterrupted. This means the floors have less soil-attracting seams, significantly simplifying their upkeep. Architexture hardwoods can be installed in three different ways – at an angle, drop down or horizontally. This gives the buyer options to choose from based on the layout of their home. The floors can also be glued down for even more of a seamless appeal.

Architexture’s manufacturer, Mohawk, is a leading flooring manufacturer across the globe. Their innovative, industry-leading practices bring fourth products that are trusted and recognized among consumers.

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