Randi Krasnoff, senior mortgage loan consultant with American Eagle Mortgage, joins host Todd Schnick and co host Carol Morgan on the All About Real Estate edition of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio.

Krasnoff has been on both sides of the real estate and mortgage lending sides of the business and has experienced the highs and lows and the good and the bad. Krasnoff works at the regional corporate office in Georgia for American Eagle Mortgage.

American Eagle Mortgage goes more than the extra mile for all builders and home buyers to make sure that you know the loan will close and that builders are free to start the job. Krasnoff is known as the woman who gets the “tough deals” done, she helps those with high and even low credit scores find the perfect program and get their loan through the door. Krasnoff says to her this is the most rewarding part; knowing you are helping get those tough jobs done.

When applying for loans there is a big difference in applying for a loan through a bank or through a mortgage company. The biggest difference is control; with a mortgage company you don’t have any overlays where as through a bank you may have several. You will also be able to get answers almost immediately, where as banks it may take weeks.

For more information on how American Eagle Mortgage can help you, click play on the podcast above.

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A special thank you to American Eagle Mortgage for sponsoring the All About Real Estate segments. American Eagle Mortgage is a Mortgage Banker, not a Broker. Their in-house underwriting team makes decisions quickly and communicates directly with you on the status of your loan. They process loans in-house, this means they get to know you as a person with a name and a personality – you are not just another number. They guarantee the rate and terms available, and lend their money, so they are funding your loan. American Eagle Mortgage is an Equal Housing Lender and approved mortgagee by FHA/VA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. For more information, call Randi Krasnoff at 678.278.2138. GA:28758 GRMA:36280


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