Tiny House/Shipping Container You Can Buy from Amazon

As crazy as it may sound, Amazon sells tiny houses! So not only can you get your groceries delivered the same day, take advantage of a monthly auto shipment of toilet paper or order household cleaning items, ice cream, clothes, dog treats, vitamins and holiday presents, but you can buy a tiny house from Amazon!

Tiny House/Shipping Container You Can Buy from AmazonHouses got bigger and bigger and bigger for a while as home buyers scrambled to buy the biggest box they could (this is much like Super Sizing your meal at McDonald’s in my humble opinion). But as metro Atlanta (and other areas around the country) have run out of low cost, distressed lots, housing prices have increased considerably. Because of this, we are now seeing smaller and smaller lot size, as well as smaller and smaller homes.  This has helped buyers to be able to afford to buy.  And, it has also inspired creativity among builders and developers.  Part of this creativity can be seen in the tiny house movement.

MODS International recently rolled out this shipping container/tiny house available for purchase on Amazon.  In only 320 square feet, the prefabricated house includes a bedroom, shower, toilet, sink, kitchenette, living area, appliances, double patio doors within the secure container doors and is fully insulated, heated and air conditioned. Additionally, the home provides a bottom sewer connection, easyside ater and electrical connection. You can literally have it delivered, connect it to power, gas, water and sewer and have a place to live.

Tiny House/Shipping Container You Can Buy from Amazon

For $36,000 plus an additional $4,500 to ship the 7,500 shipping container/tiny house, you can take downsizing to a whole new level, fully embrace the minimalist lifestyle you’ve always dreamt of, house your millennial post-grad and still be an empty-nester or install that grandma nook you’ve been wanting.

Who says you have to live in a McMansion? Maybe a tiny house is your best next move.

For more on Amazon’s available tiny houses, check it out on Amazon or read more on Inman.