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Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio is excited to welcome radio show sponsor Jackson Electric Membership Cooperative (EMC) to the studio to let our listeners in on all the benefits of Jackson EMC membership and the Right Choice™ home program! Tune in as Jackson EMC Residential Sales Representative Nathan Bohannon joins us on today’s All About Real Estate episode to discuss the advantages of living in a Right Choice multifamily apartment home.

Bohannon began his career at Jackson EMC as an intern in the public relations and communications department and quickly moved into the residential marketing division where he works with local builders to ensure they are providing energy-efficient homes. Jackson EMC is one of the largest electric membership cooperatives in the nation and by far the largest in Georgia. What makes the company different from typical power companies is that the members who receive its services own Jackson EMC, and they focus on providing the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.

During the interview, Bohannon explains how Right Choice homes and apartment homes are built from the ground up by industry leaders and are guaranteed to provide comfort and energy savings to homeowners. There are several projects underway for Right Choice apartment homes. Currently leasing are modern apartment homes overlooking the home of the Gwinnett Stripers at The Views at Coolray Field. Aside from the wood flooring, stainless steel appliances, ceiling fans and open floor plans, each apartment home is built to the stringent standards of the Right Choice home program to provide guaranteed savings.

Because of its structure, members have major influence within Jackson EMC, especially as it relates to the company’s top-quality customer service. At all levels of the company, customer service is a top priority.

“Out of thousands of Right Choice apartment home customers, we have only received two comfort complaints,” Bohannon said. “One issue was a customer with a humidity problem, where the windows were sweating. Our team went to inspect the problem and found that the dryer vent had been disconnected. The second complaint came during the coldest winters on record where it was 16 degrees outside and the indoor temperature was 80. The member had her thermostat set to 85 which is outside of normal comfort range and the heat would not rise that high. In the end, she was just extremely thankful that she could even have her thermostat set at 80 and still afford her utility bill.”

Renters and members are not the only ones who can reap the benefits of the Right Choice home program. Management companies also benefit from quality control inspections during the beginning construction stages until the very end. In addition, residents save money and are happy and comfortable. As Bohannon mentions, happy residents equal happy management.

Tune into the podcast with the link above or visit RightChoice.JacksonEMC.com to learn more about the company and its incredible Right Choice home program. If a builder or developer wants to partner with Jackson EMC and the Right Choice home program for its next project, call a local office and speak to a sales representative.


A special thank you to Jackson EMC for sponsoring Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio.  Jackson EMC offers homebuyers peace of mind and lower bills with its certified Right Choice™ new home program.  These homes are built to be energy efficient and sustainable with improved indoor air quality, convenience and comfort. For more information on Right Choice new homes and Jackson EMC, visit https://RightChoice.JacksonEMC.com.stanley martin homes


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