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    Advance Atlanta Treasurer and Board Member Joey Kline joins co-hosts Todd Schnick and Carol Morgan on today’s edition of Around Atlanta with the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio Show.
    Advance Atlanta is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to building support for regional transit and championing existing transit resources. In Atlanta, traffic gridlock is a daily occurrence. Kline and his group work to improve public transit within the city and surrounding areas by working with Georgia politicians and lawmakers.

    Kline explains that a big step for Advance Atlanta and public transportation is the Georgia Senate bill 369. This bill passed both the Senate and the House of the Georgia General Assembly. This piece of legislation would allow the city of Atlanta to host a referendum in November to vote on whether or not to levy a half-percent sales tax increase aimed at improving MARTA.

    If it were to pass, this could mean a $2.5 billion expansion of MARTA, and Kline said the majority of that money would go to fund expansions along the Beltline, but other projects could be included as well, such as expanded bus routes.

    While $2.5 billion seems like a lot of money, Kline stated that it would not be nearly enough to expand MARTA into the areas where it is most needed. For example, with the new Atlanta Braves stadium opening in 2017, traffic along Interstates 75 and 285 is expected to be overwhelming. Kline and his group believe this type of traffic nightmare could help gain support for more public transportation in the surrounding Cobb County area.

    Though Bill 369 is a big step for the Advance Atlanta movement, the process of improving public transportation will be a slow and steady one, but it is one Advance Atlanta is prepared to take on.

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