On this week’s All About Real Estate Edition of the Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio Show, Joey Kline, treasurer and board member for Advance Atlanta, joins co-hosts Carol Morgan and Todd Schnick to discuss a very important vote coming up.

Advance Atlanta is an advocacy organization that promotes expanded regional transit in Atlanta and the metro area. There is a vote in November for expanded transit within the city limits, and the organization hopes there will be more in the future for outside the city limits as well.

On November 8, residents in the city of Atlanta will get the chance to vote on whether or not the city expands MARTA within the city limits. It is extremely equitable in regards to both the types of transit as well as the areas of town it focuses on. It would expand bus transits and bus routes, light rail along the beltline and the potential for investing in heavy rail west out I-20. It would help many parts of the city of Atlanta. It is a $2.5 billion project slated to run for 40 years. The residents of the city of Atlanta will be asked to approve a half penny additional sales tax to run for 40 years on these projects.

The project list includes bus routes that don’t exist currently, fewer time between buses, rail in areas where there are none and completing transit along the beltline, which touches 45 different neighborhoods, and more. The importance of this expansion is to help people within the city and outside the city in the future to have better ways to commute throughout the metro area.

In addition, Advance Atlanta is having an event on October 20 at the Braves Experience Center, which is across the street from the new SunTrust Park, to meet and promote expanding transit in Cobb County as well. It is open to the public, but there are limited tickets. It costs $15 and includes food, wine, beer, a great view of the new stadium and a chance to hear from great speakers regarding this topic of expanding transit in Cobb County. Find tickets to this event and more information here.

Be sure to vote and stay informed on important topics such as this. To stay updated on this initiative and learn more about this vote, visit www.AdvanceAtlanta.com. You can also follow Advance Atlanta on Facebook and Twitter for more information.


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