By now, you know that Mr. Steam provides residential steam generators for home spas. But did you know that the company also makes towel warmers? It makes sense, doesn’t it? After all, your relaxation shouldn’t have to end the minute you step out of the steam room.

Mr. Steam offers towel warmers in two varieties: Electric heated towel warmers have a built-in heater made from stainless steel that operates on a standard household 120v circuit.. Hydronic heated towel warmers use a closed-loop hot water heating supply. No matter which one you choose, both come in several varieties and styles to compliment any room.

For example, the Series 200 electric towel warmers offer affordable indulgence and simple elegance. There is a built-in oil well, making it easier than ever to add Mr. Steam Aromatherapy™ essential oils to your steambathing experience.

The new Series 300 electric towel warmers are  made from high-quality stainless steel, available in brushed or polished finish, and include the aromatherapy well. Unique to this series is the freestanding floor model, which allows for more flexibility in the placement of your new towel warmer.

For the ultimate luxury, the electric and hydronic 500-600 Series are made from 100% brass for efficient heating and include both wall mount and pivoting models. Buyers can select from a number of designer finishes to add the perfect touch to the bathroom.

In addition to providing you with a freshly-warmed towel after each steambath, these towel warmers can be used to dry damp towels (preventing mildew), dry your delicates or warm up baby blankets and quilts on cold nights.

While the simple luxury of a warm towel is a new experience for some, it is a must-have comfort for others. Because these towel warmers cost just pennies a day to operate, you can use them regularly without worrying about outrageous utility bills.

To learn more about these towel warmers and all of the products from Mr. Steam, visit the website

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