Are you looking for an Augusta new home? When you purchase a new home, you have many decisions to make when it comes to decorating its interior. One of the first decisions you’ll most likely make is what colors to paint your rooms. When it comes to color, people have a variety of preferences  and choices that appeal to them, and it’s important to understand the psychology of color so your new home will be a comfortable place to live for the years to come.

Red is the color of passion and romance, and when used generously in a room, it can add drama. If you’re looking to warm up a space, a touch of red can do wonders. Different shades of red create different moods, so you’ll need to experiment to find the perfect hue.

Spice up your Augusta new home with the color pink. While many of us think of a little girl’s room when we see pink, this vibrant color is more versatile that you might imagine. Pink furniture adds a touch of playfulness, while saturated hues add sophistication.

Energize your home office by incorporating a deep orange or terra cotta shade on the walls. Or, for more  a more relaxing vibe, try a lighter shade such as apricot.

If you’re looking for optimism and happiness, yellow is the perfect choice. Yellow can activate memory, promote creativity and stimulate the nervous system. Paler shades can also help make a small room appear larger.

Green reminds us of nature and life, and can play a number of roles from dramatic to refreshing and inviting. Add a burst of energy to your space with lime green or go light and airy with lighter shades.

Blue is a color that appeals to many homeowners. Lighter shades create a serene environment, while deeper blues, such as sapphire, can make a bold statement.

If you need a neutral background, gray allows other colors to shine.

Brown is a comforting color that is frequently used in living rooms and kitchens.

If you need decoration inspiration for your new home, visit the Keystone Homes design studio. From paint colors to flooring and cabinetry to lighting, our design studio will help you personalize your new home to match your unique style.

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