Habitat For HumanityLast weekend, a group of almost 30 gathered to start construction on a Habitat for Humanity home on Lindee Lane in Woodstock. The build started off with dedications from the project leader and sponsors, including Windsong Properties, to the excited and deserving Palffy family. Windsong’s very own Carrie Roeger was there and even got to hammer down one of the first nails on the home.

Located behind Garden Street, Windsong’s active adult home community near downtown Woodstock, the build will not be complete until December. Until then, Windsong Properties will be committed to helping during the build and making sure the Palffy family loves their new home.

“It’s touching to see so many people from the community come together for one goal,” stated Roeger, operations manager at Windsong Properties. “This new home will be the Palffy’s chance for a new beginning. I encourage anyone to come out and help. Whether you are a building pro or amateur, you can help make a difference.”

Windsong Properties has a long term commitment with Habitat for Humanity, with both managing partners, Steve Romeyn and Mark Carruth, serving as past and current board members and volunteers. “As a home building company, we believe in the rights and benefits of homeownership and know Habitat to be an organization committed to these Windsong Sponsors Habitat for Humanitybeliefs,” said Carruth.

Since Windsong Properties has developed and is currently finishing its Garden Street community, the company saw this build as a way to give back to the community.

Habitat for Humanity-North Central Georgia is an independently run and operated affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. It formed in 2006 to address the housing need in the growing community of Metro Atlanta. Today, Habitat for Humanity-North Central Georgia has built over 230 homes throughout the area.

The Lindee Lane build continues this Saturday. So, grab your tools and work gloves, and join Windsong Properties at 8 a.m. If interested in volunteering, email info@habitat-ncg.org. If you can’t make it, you can help by donating here.

For more information about Windsong Properties and its communities, visit www.windsonglife.com.

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