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In today’s economy, many buyers are searching for ways to save money, but it can seem almost impossible to save when purchasing a home. However, with Academy Mortgage, buyers can save money on their new home mortgage, whether it’s by coming out of pocket and paying a smaller down payment or making lower monthly payments.

For those metro Atlanta home buyers searching for a new home, Academy Mortgage offers a five percent down payment on multiple products with a first and second mortgage combination. This combination means that buyers don’t have to pay a traditional 20 percent down payment. In addition, second mortgages have a variety of financial benefits, such as borrowers aren’t required to pay private mortgage insurance and they are tax deductible.

Buyers that want to save money monthly can also benefit from having a first and second mortgage product, as the second mortgage is a home equity line of credit. This allows buyers to purchase more house for the same amount of money on a monthly basis. For example, this could mean buying a basement home with an additional 1,000-plus square feet of living space while still paying the same monthly payment as if they’d purchased a slab home. While the price point may be different, the monthly payment won’t.

To learn more about how Academy Mortgage can save you money, both upfront and on a monthly basis, contact the Academy Mortgage office in Atlanta by calling 404-713-8662. You can also visit www.AcademyMortgage.com/Atlanta for more information.

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