Today’s All About Real Estate edition of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio features Stephen Haines, division president of Meritage Homes. Stephen spoke with our hosts, Bryan Nonni and Todd Schnick, about the builder’s exciting expansion into Atlanta.

Meritage Homes has been in the homebuilding industry for more than 30 years and is new to the Atlanta real estate market, having come to the area after acquiring a portion of land previously held by Legendary Homes. Meritage is the eighth largest builder in the United States and is excited about the new home market in Atlanta. In addition, the builder is excited to see how it can contribute to the constantly changing landscape of new home construction in the metro-area.

The Atlanta real estate market is highly competitive and Meritage settling into the location was definitely a large endeavor. Stephen believes in the Meritage brand and knows that it will set itself apart from other new home builders in Atlanta. He explains, “We have a very wide breadth of product available and if you know Atlanta, you know that every type of buyer is out there. You have your entry-level, your move up, townhome buyers, urban and suburban. We have a lot of need in Atlanta and the cool thing is Meritage has product that can meet all of those needs.”

The most impressive feature of Meritage Homes is that the builder has become the leader in energy efficient living. A 2015 ENERGY STAR® partner, Meritage has received the prestigious sustained excellence award from ENERGY STAR, which is given to organizations that have earned Partner of the Year for several years in a row. The Partner of the Year award is given to organizations that perform at a superior level of energy management, and it is the highest level of recognition from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Meritage Homes is currently utilizing ENERGY STAR 3.0 practices. This allows the builder to achieve a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rating that is lower than anyone else in the building industry. When it comes to HERS ratings, the lower the rating, the better. The energy that consumers save by living in a home with a lower HERS rating translates into lower energy costs, and it can save them hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year in energy bills.

When it comes to the specific products used to achieve a lower energy rating, Stephen explains that the overall approach is holistic in nature. “A couple of features that we will be able to show customers are things like using CFL and LED lighting throughout the home above the minimum standard,” said Stephen. “Our ENERGY STAR 3.0 homes will have a completely sealed and conditioned attic, which allows the home to be more efficient, and the items stored there will be more protected as well. Another example is Low-E2 windows, which is another feature that can reduce the leakage of your house another 20 percent over the current standard.”

In addition to all of the exciting news Stephen had to share about energy savings and efficiency, he also let us in on the plans and details for upcoming Meritage Homes communities here in Atlanta. There are a few neighborhoods opening up this fall. One is located in Canton in one of the fastest selling communities in the state, Soleil Laurel Canyon. Cambridge Estates is another Meritage Homes community coming soon to the popular South Forsyth area. In the spring of 2016, Meritage is bringing Settendown Reserve to North Forsyth, and a Fayette County community is set for a spring opening as well.

As Meritage Homes continues to break new ground here in Atlanta, the builder invites interested consumers to visit its website for additional information at Also, check out the builder’s social media pages:



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