About Sales, Inc.About Sales, Inc., an Atlanta based real estate sales and marketing company, helps its builder clients stay on top of the growing market, especially during the busy summer buying season. From social media to top-notch marketing collateral, the company does so by providing a variety of tools for attracting home buyers.

“Over the years, the type of marketing that attracts buyers has changed,” explained Jamie Mock, vice president of sales for About Sales, Inc. “Before they even step foot into a model home, they go online, oftentimes on a mobile device, to do their research. With plenty of options to choose from, it’s imperative for our clients to offer the resources that buyers look for.”

These resources include mobile sites. According to a recent article in the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association’s Atlanta Building News, mobile traffic is growing at a rate of 1.5 times per year and is likely to increase in speed. About Sales, Inc. encourages its clients to have responsive mobile sites that buyers can view on-the-go.

Additionally, social media is a must. About Sales, Inc. believes that builder’s can reach their public better by being on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Photos and videos are always popular to attract buyers to visit a community.

Tried and true tactics that About Sales, Inc. still uses include flyers, brochures and email marketing. These tools give information that buyers are looking for in a concise and attractive package.

“Though it’s important to apply these tips when reaching out to buyers, one thing remains the same,” continued Mock. “Customer service is a must. You can have all of the tools, but without a sales team and employees that put the customer first, you will never sell a home. Make sure your team knows to give a personal touch to the home buying process with one-on-one guidance. Home buyers appreciate that type of service and will keep coming back.”

To learn more about the company and the services it offers, visit www.AboutSalesInc.com or call 678-373-0739.

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