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The process of selling an existing home to build a new one is often a stressful experience for everyone involved, and can take months. The buyer endures endless showings hoping to sell, and builders worry about building a house on contingency and all the risks associated with it. Life would be so much easier if both parties could knock some time, risk and frustration out of the process!

Knock promises to do just that. They offer potential home sellers a fair market price for their home with a guarantee to sell it in six weeks or less.

Multiple new home builders in metro Atlanta, including Century Communities, have already begun working with Knock to help their buyers get out of their old home faster. “Home buyers working with Knock can buy with confidence, knowing they already have a guaranteed, post-inspection offer on their existing home,” said Greg Duriez, Atlanta division president at Century Communities.

Brock Built, Kerley Family Homes, Paran Homes and Windsong Properties have also partnered with Knock. When buyers are ready to purchase a new construction home, builders want the assurance that the contract won’t be voided if their existing home doesn’t sell in time. This often means that new home builders are stuck between a rock and a hard place – turn away potential buyers that need to sell their home, or run the risk of building a new home to a buyer’s specific requirements only to have the contract nullified during the building process.

Bud Rogers, manager of sales and marketing for Brock Built, states, “We don’t write contingent contracts, so Knock is a great option for a potential buyer that needs to sell their current home before closing on a new one. We are hopeful about what Knock can do for us. Giving our customers an option is a big deal.”

Knock’s trade-in program for builders makes it possible for customers to buy and sell in one simple transaction for the same six percent as a traditional sale.  Not only is Knock guaranteeing to buy the home, but they will also front the cash for upgrades and repairs to get the house ready to list.

The process works like this: after learning about a house via an online form, Knock analyzes a variety of data and sends an email with an offer price for the house. The next steps include a home visit and free inspection. As soon as the homeowners agree to work with them, Knock will list the house for sale, promote it, and handle the showings – which can be managed by the homeowner online. At any time during this process, the homeowner can accept an offer from an outside buyer, or proceed with Knock’s offer to purchase the home at the guaranteed price. If the house is still on the market after six weeks, the buyer has the option to accept Knock’s offer to purchase the home at the agreed-upon, guaranteed price.

Because Knock is a web-based business built by people with real estate and web development experience, they are confident in their ability to use algorithms to cast an accurate and fair price.

Learn more about Knock or start the selling process today by visiting or by emailing

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