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Director of Operations at SQ4D Kirk Andersen is in the studio for today’s All About Real Estate segment of Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio. Introduced as, “the coolest guy in construction” by co-host Carol Morgan this promises to be a fun episode focused on 3D printed homes and the innovation that Kirk is bringing to the industry.  A lively discussion of 3D printed houses, the additive manufacturing process used to create them and the benefits of this innovative construction technology for the home building industry is worth a listen (or a read below).

3D printing methods

With a mission to create affordable housing worldwide, SQ4D seeks innovative alternatives to traditionally expensive building practices to reduce costs and building time for new home construction. As opposed to subtractive manufacturing where metal is cut down to create materials, SQ4D specializes in additive manufacturing by using a deliberate amount of material which is stacked and layered to deliver parts.

“This technology has been around for years and years, so let’s apply it to construction,” said Andersen. “This allows us to provide shelter faster, safer and cheaper.”

Hindered by the restrictions of costly local building codes, Andersen and his business partner sought to innovate their building process by using automation to dramatically cut expenses. In 2018, SQ4D began practicing with a small-scale 3D printer to produce small walls and test different patterns. Eventually using a much larger 3D printer, it was able to print a 500 square foot construction built with concrete, which was one of the world’s largest 3D-printed structures at the time.

3D printed houses

SQ4D continued to gain experience with 3D printing and were able to develop their patent-pending Autonomous Robotic Construction Systems technology to complete impressive builds. Over a period of eight days and 48 hours of print time, SQ4D developed a 1,900-square foot model home, currently the world’s largest 3D printed home. Using their groundbreaking technology, the build only required three people to oversee the construction of the home.

SQ4D has also listed the first 3D printed home in the country for sale in Riverhead, New York. They strategically chose to utilize eco-friendly concrete for their build as it is a cheap and abundant material that efficiently creates stronger, safer structures. SQ4D also has future plans to build with recycled materials and geopolymers to create homes that are increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly.

3D printing methods

Ideally, the 3D printing method will streamline the process from architects and engineers to the builder for a faster and more effective building method. With SQ4D’s 3D printers, users are able to instruct machines to deposit their material wherever it is needed, creating a smooth process for home customizations and developing floorplan layouts. Currently, SQ4D’s ARCS technology is capable of constructing 42% of the home including foundation, slab and the walls. Not only can 3D printing significantly cut time and costs, but it also presents the opportunity to make construction sites considerably safer.



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