Atlanta Real Estate Forum Top Blog Content 2022

As 2022 fades into the distance, Atlanta Real Estate Forum takes a moment to reflect on the successes of 2022 and the top blog content that resonated most with our readers. The year was full of ups and downs with interest rates, the stock market and home building.

We welcomed numerous new communities to the Atlanta metro area, interviewed industry movers and shakers on Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio and broke a few really great news stories.

Atlanta Real Estate Forum 2022 by the numbers

Atlanta Real Estate Forum 2022 statistics:

  • 504 Blogs written
  • 261 Emails distributed
  • 12,500 news subscribers
  • 296,817 pageviews
  • 18,516 podcast downloads
  • 21,769 page views for the top blog post

Atlanta Real Estate Forum Top Blog Content

  1. Top 25 Atlanta Homebuilders – MarketNsight’s ranking of the top 25 Atlanta home builders for 2021 is a crowd favorite with home shoppers and industry insiders alike. Look for Atlanta Real Estate Forum to update this blog with 2022 data in the next week or so! 
  2. Buckhead: Atlanta’s Luxury Shopping Destination – Look no further than Buckhead for great designer shopping. We cover the go-to places.
  3. Metro Atlanta – How Many Counties are Included? – As one of the largest cities in the Southeast, metro Atlanta can be overwhelming. Discover more about what’s included in the metro area.
  4. Atlanta’s Top 10 Commercial Developers – Atlanta ranks No. 1 for business in Site Selection magazine. Get the scoop on the who’s who of commercial development.
  5. Landis Rent to Own Program Creates Homeowners – New to the Atlanta market, Landis offers a path to homeownership through renting.
  6. Georgians May Be Able to Vote to Change Daylight Savings Time – Well, Georgians want to keep Daylight Saving Time permanently, but the federal government has to approve it.
  7. Kolter Urban The Dillion Buckhead Condo – This luxury Atlanta condo turned heads in 2022. Look for updates in 2023.
  8. Ellison Park Now Open in Sandy Springs – This Sandy Springs community is so incredibly popular that we had to update the blog as sold out. Yet, the searches continue!
  9. Can You Buy a Home Using Bitcoin? – Digital currency is popular and viable. So, the real question is, “Who bought a home with bitcoin in 2022?” We’d like to know!
  10. What is the 2023 Color of the Year? Being fashionable is the trend, and it is no different with the color of the year. This round-up of multiple paint colors for the new year is fun to explore. What color are you painting that blank wall?

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  1. The blog showcasing the “2022 Top Blog Content” from Atlanta Real Estate Forum is a compelling retrospective that highlights the industry’s most engaging and informative posts. By curating a selection of articles that likely cover a wide range of real estate topics, this blog not only celebrates the diverse perspectives and insights shared throughout the year but also offers readers a chance to catch up on valuable information they might have missed. It’s a great way to stay informed about the latest trends, developments, and discussions shaping the real estate landscape in Atlanta.

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