2020 Online Homebuyer Mystery Shop Report Revealed

Hosted by President and Founder of Denim Marketing, Carol Morgan, and Kimberly Mackey, founder and sales and marketing management consultant of New Homes Solutions Consulting, the 2020 Vision: It’s a Game Changer free webinar series returns Friday, September 11 at 2 p.m. ET. During this segment, the 2020 Online Homebuyer Mystery Shop Report will be revealed. In addition, Melinda Brody & Company’s Ben Marks and Blue Gypsy, Inc.’s Leah Fellows will join in to discuss the interesting findings.

These innovators and industry leaders discuss the entirety of the Mystery Shop Report, touching on the most interesting findings and potential solutions to widely seen problems in the homebuilding industry’s follow-up process. Join this week’s webinar to hear the results and find out what they mean regarding sales and marketing.

To help builders identify their weakest link in the follow-up process, Denim Marketing, Melinda Brody & Company and Blue Gypsy Inc. compiled a 2020 Online Homebuyer Mystery Shop Report. The report is composed of the results of follow-up efforts of 50 home builders in several different states across the country over the span of 30 days. Each builder was selected randomly, with over half appearing on the Builder Top 200 list. In addition to several interesting statistics, the report offers insight into the follow-up methods used during the homebuying process.

Everyone knows follow-up is important to earning lead conversions, but how do home builders identify weak spots and enhance the entire process? When home builders create efforts to drive traffic to the website, but can’t follow up successfully with a lead, the marketing dollars and sales are potentially lost. One big factor that influences a homebuyer’s experience is how well a builder can utilize online sales counselors (OSCs).

online mystery shopKnown for its successful video mystery shops, Melinda Brody & Company recently developed a new online shopping protocol for the purpose of the 2020 Online Homebuyer Mystery Shop Report. Mystery shoppers were instructed to visit different builder website during normal business hours and fill out an online contact form. The shoppers asked relevant questions about communities and the builder on the form. After the form was submitted, responses were tracked over the course of 30 days. Results were examined individually, as a whole group and in two distinct groups – builders ith OSCs (58%) and builders without OSCs (42%).

To learn more about the findings of this report, as well as other sales and marketing tips, register for the joint Denim Marketing/New Homes Solutions monthly webinar series “2020 Vision: It’s a Game Changer!” The webinar is held on the 2nd Friday of each month for the remainder of 2020.



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