iStock_000059244290_LargeThere are plenty of items that can be salvaged to use in 2016 home décor, but there are a few items we are more than ready to say goodbye to! Here are seven ways to shift your home into the current trends:

First and foremost, to properly integrate your home with 2016 trends, you have to acknowledge the Pantone Colors of the Year: Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue. That’s right; there are TWO colors for 2016. These colors are meant to instill a sense of peace and tranquility while also defying the expected associations with light pink and blue shades by blending them together: pink is not just for girls and blue is not just for boys.

  1. Color

Specific use of color can change an entire room. In 2016, we’re brightening spaces and using relaxing hues to make our homes an escape from our fast-paced world. Don’t necessarily devote an entire room or even an entire wall to Rose Quartz or Serenity Blue, but use those colors for accenting an area or creating a focal point within the space. Balance is the goal here.  If these two color options don’t exactly blend well with your theme, not to worry, shades of gray (not all 50) are the perfect backdrop to integrate any color accents you find. Gray essentially matches everything, so grays are in and coppers are out! Even adding a pop of black and white can add some Chanel-inspired chic to a space.

Something else that can help brighten a space is painting red and dark brick with a clean, bright tone such as eggshell or even linen white. Don’t be afraid to try this, it looks great and helps modernize a fireplace mantle! Fresh, bright and organic shades are the most popular right now. Most color palettes have a lighter range of options and that’s where the concentration is currently in paint and color schemes.

  1. Staple Furniture Pieces

To help transition between trends and seasons, invest in staple furniture pieces. Pieces in neutral colors that can be used as timeless building blocks will work in all of the new décor trends, as well asfuture trends to come. Your couch can stay the same, but the curtains, pictures, mirrors, table accents and décor can all be interchanged inexpensively!

  1. Art Deco-Inspired Geometric Shapes

Adding an array of contrasting shaped décor is exactly what 2016 is all about. This can be achieved not only through furniture, but through tiles for the floor, backsplash, countertops, mantles or accent walls. Several designers are selecting tiles that show the original clay colors through instead of glazing over them as was previously done. Rustic, exhausted items and looks are the new chic and sleek. The idea is for your space to look put-together and perfectly simple without any effort from you, almost as if it was an accident.

  1. Accent Pieces/Decorations

Another area that symmetrical shapes can be brought into a room through is the accent pieces and tabletop decorations. Graphic throw pillows add a pop of color without being too overwhelming or dedicating your space to one particular theme. The trendy thing to do here is to mix rugged and contemporary items throughout the room. Find unique conversation pieces by visiting flea markets, and online Etsy shops are the perfect place for handmade, home-y items.

Something else that designers are employing in 2016 is the use of rug space. It is no longer chic to have a perfectly tailored and shaped rug to perfectly outline the coffee table. Celebrity interior designer Abby Vasek says to use oversized rugs in living room spaces that fall under the couch as well. Then, if you want something under the coffee table, use a smaller rug in a contrasting texture or fabric to accent the coffee table, but do NOT place it perfectly under the coffee table. It doesn’t even have to be square or rectangle. Odd-shaped rugs and off-centering the layer rug adds just enough chaos to complete the room.

To refresh a space, add a hint of something green. Silk or alive, a potted plant or flower arrangement adds some life to an area and balances out the more rustic tones. If you want to add alternating decorations, books are more often being used as accent items rather than actual reading material. Any books will do, but if you want to portray a certain level of intelligence to guests, high-class, classic books and collections are another way to do it!

  1. Make Rooms Look Bigger

Rooms that are more confined and don’t have any windows present the problem of finding more space. By adding a mirror, you add depth to a previously cramped room. There are plenty of mirror options and frames to be modern and contemporary or antique and distressed looking. Any and all are excellent choices for 2016.

Additionally, in rooms that actually have windows, raise the curtain rods this year. Vasek says they should be 15 inches above the window. Doing this elongates the room and allows light to filter in and make it feel more spacious and cheerful. Mirrors are also a great option in these rooms because if you place it directly across from the window, when the light shines through it will bounce off of the mirror and disperse throughout and brighten the area up.

  1. The Desk is Back!

In this fast-paced world, we seldom take a break from our media and computers, but the desk is making a comeback in 2016! We are done using our laptops in bed or on the couch. It is clear that a designated workspace increases productivity, so why would you make your favorite places to relax a place to work, too? Cute desk nooks are easy to organize and still incorporate a level of effort design-wise. There are a multitude of organizational life hacks available to create a more productive environment. If you’re worried about aesthetics with all the cords that usually accompany a desk space, Pinterest has you covered there, too, with plenty of tips and tricks for hiding those unsightly cords.

Organization can go beyond the desk space as well. IKEA, The Container Store and Bed Bath and Beyond are great places to find any organizational options you could possibly need for your entire house. If you’re the handy type, Pinterest has thousands of options for do-it-yourself (DIY) organization.

  1. Say goodbye to:

2016 is here to say goodbye to Mason jars as decorations. Whether it’s for weddings, home use or decoration, the Mason jar is tired. Not short on Southern charm, the Mason jar served us well. But all good things must come to an end.

This year we are also saying goodbye to chalkboard paint. This paint became extremely popular in 2015 for entire walls, storage containers to label household items and even for picture frames, but unless you have perfect handwriting or want to spend the day stenciling a beautiful design on your wall (that could be rubbed off with just one wrong move), we’re done with this trend.

Last but not least, 2016 is done with burlap details. For the new trends, burlap is just too harsh and we are craving more natural, softer fibers even in accents.

2016 looks to be a year for mixing it up and making our houses homes that we actually want to relax and unwind in. Follow any of these design trends and you’ll notice a difference in your environment! To stay up-to-date with the latest design trends and all Atlanta real estate news, visit


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