ID Protection CleanupJust like your home or office needs to be cleaned up with the change of the season, it can do wonders for your credit report and boost

ID protection to give your finances and personal documents a thorough cleaning during the fall and spring. With the change of temperatures, and the holidays right around the corner, now is a perfect time to clean up so you can put your best finances forward for the holidays. The Equifax Finance Blog explores the best ways to clean up for fall and winter in the article, “

Credit Score Clean Sweep—Get Organized.”

The best place to start a cleanup effort is where you are probably the most disorganized: your paperwork. Financial paperwork and mail can quickly become overwhelming and easy to ignore – after all, if every financial piece of mail is important, they can quickly become unimportant as they pile up. Rather than letting them stack up, form a system for dealing with financial paperwork, whether from your banking institution, the mail or other sources. You can also take advantage of many financial institutions which offer paperless systems Additional

financial tools can offer a digital way to keep track of all of your receipts though pictures and scans. Once you have your method down, be sure to shred anything you don’t need to hold onto. Whenever there is a question, shred it rather than simply trashing it to stay safe.

To learn more ways to get a stronger credit score, avoid debt and keep your personal finances happy, check the wealth of articles on the Equifax Finance Blog.

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