christmas cookies and other holiday ideas

We have 100 holiday ideas!! There is no place like home for the holidays. Christmas carols, wrapping paper, crafts, a flickering fire, decorating the tree all bring cheer to the season especially when shared with friends and family.  Of course the kids love the time off from school and the adults typically get a few extra days to laze around.  What happens when you are out of things to do? Well, we have just the list for you.  Here are 100 holiday ideas of what to do with that spare time!

  1. Attend a Christmas Parade
  2. Go ice skating
  3. Make homemade Christmas tree decorations – string popcorn or cranberries
  4. Make reindeer for the tree using corks
  5. Drink hot chocolate
  6. Enjoy a good book by the fire
  7. Go to a festival
  8. Watch a Hallmark Christmas movie or A Charlie Brown Christmas
  9. Try to find the Elf on the Shelf
  10. Play Monopoly
  11. Play cards – Go Fish is always a favorite
  12. Color – yes like in a coloring book
  13. Choose a tree from a Christmas tree farm
  14. Bake sugar cookies
  15. Buy sugar cookies from the store and decorate them
  16. Send Christmas or New Year’s cards
  17. Add some nog to the egg nog
  18. Attend the Nutcracker ballet
  19. Wrap presents and see how many bows you can reuse or make
  20. Make your own wrapping paper with brown paper bags and paint
  21. Handwrite a note to your grandparents or parents
  22. Call your best friend from high school
  23. Shop local
  24. Visit a local coffee shop
  25. Try a new recipe
  26. Host a cookie swap
  27. Volunteer at a shelter
  28. Clean out a closet and take a box of clothes to Goodwill
  29. Make cookies for Santa
  30. Make reindeer food
  31. Make snowflakes from construction paper
  32. Enjoy a Home Alone marathon
  33. Decorate the Christmas tree
  34. Enjoy a bubble bath
  35. Make Christmas tree pancakes
  36. Decorate pancakes with icing
  37. Take a walk
  38. Go for a hike
  39. Play frisbee
  40. Build a snowman (ok, we know, it has to snow)
  41. Take a online class
  42. Mail a letter to Santa
  43. Go Christmas Caroling
  44. Attend a tree lighting ceremony
  45. Pop popcorn over a fire
  46. Volunteer
  47. Make a wreath for your front door
  48. Hang stockings
  49. Attend a Christmas eve church service
  50. Make a snow angel
  51. Read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
  52. Build a gingerbread house
  53. Go thrift shopping for an ugly Christmas sweater
  54. Send holiday cards to the military
  55. Go to the movies
  56. Surprise your neighbors with cookies
  57. Make Christmas crafts
  58. Write a letter to Santa
  59. Track Santa via NORAD
  60. Host game night
  61. Get Chinese take out
  62. Exchange one small gift
  63. Drive the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights
  64. Decorate a window
  65. Make a Christmas tree out of everyday objects
  66. Feed the birds
  67. Feed the deer
  68. Plan your spring garden
  69. Go sledding or snow skiing
  70. Drop off food at a food bank
  71. Host an ugly sweater contest
  72. Put a puzzle together
  73. Clean out a drawer in the kitchen
  74. Put a train together under the tree
  75. Personalize everyone’s stockings
  76. Create a hot chocolate buffet
  77. Make an amazing charcuterie board
  78. Create an advent calendar
  79. Make a Christmas eve box
  80. Host a craft party
  81. Organize a scavenger hunt
  82. Dress up the dogs
  83. Dress up the cat
  84. Tell some Christmas jokes
  85. Make a festive Christmas bunch
  86. Create festive aromas – hot apple cider with cinnamon or an orange pomander
  87. Create festive drinks – alcoholic or non-alcoholic
  88. Discover some fun Christmas apps
  89. Make pine cone decorations for the home
  90. Make peanut butter and bird seed pine cones for the birds
  91. Hang some mistletoe and steal a kiss
  92. Get the kids to help address or sign the holiday cards
  93. Bake pies — mmmmmm
  94. Get a mini Christmas tree for the kids to decorate their own
  95. Learn a magic trick
  96. Look at old photo albums
  97. Arrange old photos
  98. Make play dough
  99. Make cute Santa strawberries
  100. Visit an elderly neighbor

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