Builder online just released the 10 things you must put in your new house for 2010. Considering we are all looking to up the value of our homes, they are all products that are relatively simple to install and will help efficiently update your home and increase the price when you are looking to sell.  By creating a high perceived value at a low cost, you stand a better chance of closing the deal with buyers.

My favorite feature Builder suggests is RADIANT HEATED BATHROOM FLOORS.  Who doesn’t want to get out of the shower and experience a little bit of  luxury as your feet hit a toasty floor?  Mesh-and-wire mats install fast and easy under ceramic tiles and cost as low as $10 a square foot.  This is a great way to update your home and impress buyers.

Also enjoyable would be FOLDING PATIO DOORS.  Sit on the veranda and enjoy a spring afternoon or linger on a summer evening.  These are great for simple updating to your home and when closed, these doors look like any other, but they can open to provide great outdoor access.  Full-wall installations are pricey, but you can reduce the cost with a two-panel system.

If you have a large family, a CENTRAL VACUUM might be a good investment as well as a way to make everyone in your household participate in the spring cleaning.  This is a built-in system consisting of a power unit, collection canister and hose.  Connection is through special pipes installed with interior walls, the system collects dust and deposits in the centrally located canister.  If you choose, pipes can be accessible in each room and everyone can easily do their own chores.

Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or are you one of those who only goes in the kitchen long enough to warm up last night’s left over take out?  Either way, BUTCHER BLOCK COUNTERTOPS will motivate you as a chef and be an impressive addition later to potential buyers.  Wood is the original solid surface and used as an island or a bar, it appeals to both old and young buyers.  It is traditional in maple, but is available in other species; an 8 foot top that measures 1.5 inches thick and 25 inches wide is as affordable as $189.

Trendy, yet tasteful, GLASS TILES will add to your home as they reflect light, add a color splash and are low maintenance.  Impressive?  Yes, especially since you can find it for $7 a square foot.

A little bit less exciting, but valuable in the long run is the DUAL FLUSH TOILET.  It will cost about $150 dollars more than a regular toilet, but can save a family of four up to 6,000 gallons of water per year.

Other investments that you will benefit from in the long run include the LOW-FLOW SHOWER HEADS that have the same flow as a traditional shower, but with a flow rate of less than 2.5 gallons per minute.  Also ON-DEMAND WATER HEATERS are tankless and the energy saving unit only activates when there is a need as it installs on a wall.  A WATER RE-CIRCULATOR also provides instant hot water cheaper than a tankless water heater with high-energy efficiency conventional heater that your buyers will love. Finally, important to your buyers is the INSULATION.  Buyers will be grateful in the winter when you use a high quality insulation and stuff the walls, roof and the attic.

In this market, we are all doing whatever we can to save a dime and selling a house has proved to be challenging for some.  Improve your odds by appealing to buyers with these relatively inexpensive techniques that will increase the perceived value of your home and help seal the deal with perspective buyers.

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