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Surveyed Home Builders Point to New Home Trends in 2014

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With the Atlanta real estate market charging into 2014 and standing inventory remaining low, home builders are constructing homes at a faster pace than they have in years. Knowing what the competition is doing is a key factor to success in any industry, and home building is no exception. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) conducted a survey to help everyone in the industry learn what other builders were planning in 2014.

By asking its many members about the likelihood that different features would be included in the standard single-family home they would be building, they were able to create a measure of the features that new homes were most likely to have in 2014. The survey conducted by NAHB was based on ratings from 1 to 5, with 1 meaning the feature was not at all likely to be included while 5 means the features was very likely.

The feature that was said to most likely be included by home builders was a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, which was rated a 4.9. Other likely features include Low-E windows and a laundry room with ratings of 4.8 and a great room, which receive a rating of 4.7.

America’s home builders also listed many energy-efficient features as likely to be included, such as ENERGY STAR-rated appliances and windows, a programmable thermostat and insulation higher than required by code. Popular features in the kitchen included a double sink, granite countertops and a central island, while likely outdoor features were a front porch, outdoor lighting and a patio.

The survey also highlighted many of the features that were least likely to be included. At the very bottom of the list were laminate countertops in the kitchen and an outdoor kitchen (such as items for cooking, refrigeration and a sink,) which both receive a low rating of only 1.9.

Other features that were not very likely to be included in new single-family homes were two-story spaces, such as in the family room or foyer, an outdoor fireplace, sunroom, media room and a whirlpool in the master bathroom.

For more information on Atlanta new home trends, visit Atlanta Real Estate Forum.

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