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Marketing Agency Helps Spread Hope

HOPE InternationalOver the past several years, mRELEVANCE has spread hope by working with client Keystone Custom Homes. The president of this renowned Central Pennsylvania home building company, Jeff Rutt, has started two nonprofit organizations that we are proud to support.  We hope that by sharing a little information on these worthwhile causes, you will consider joining us to support them. Both HOPE International and Homes for Hope are working to end poverty across the world.

HOPE International was started in 1997 after Jeff Rutt traveled to the Ukraine multiple times with his church to transport food, clothing and medical supplies. During those trips, he realized that the people needed a hand up, not handouts. HOPE International addresses the employment gap faced by the world’s poor through microfinance, a system of providing small loans and savings services to entrepreneurs in developing countries. Those entrepreneurs then repay their loans, which are issued to new borrowers to help support more livelihoods and families. Now, HOPE International reaches over 400,000 people in 16 countries in Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Established in 1998, Homes for Hope works with hundreds of builders, subcontractors, suppliers and consultants to build homes across the country. These “homes for hope” generate revenue to help support HOPE International. Since starting, the organization has built 70 homes, raised millions in revenue and provided tens of thousands of loans issued by HOPE International, enabling families to break out of poverty. You don’t even need to build an entire house to contribute to this cause! Homes for Hope has created cleaver ways for builders and manufacturers to participate by simply donating a portion of a house. Contact them for more information on how you can get involved.

mRELEVANCE is proud to contribute to these organizations through donations and event sponsorships. HOPE International and Homes for Hope need your help too! To get involved and to learn more about these great organizations, visit and

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