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Home Inspection Tips from Equifax

Inspecting Atlanta HomeIf you are planning to purchase a home in Atlanta, one important part of the process is the home inspection. The inspection can help you avoid potentially costly mistakes that you can make when buying a home, as explained by the real estate experts at the Equifax Finance blog in the recent article “Buying a Home? Tips for Finding a Good Home Inspector.”

In fact, not getting a home inspection, using an inexperienced inspector and failing to have a 30-day cancellation clause in the contract are three big mistakes buyers can make – but each of these is easily avoidable, according to the article.

A standard home inspection covers the condition of the home’s heating and central air conditioning systems; interior plumbing and electrical systems; the roof, attic, and visible insulation; walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and doors; and the foundation, basement, and structural components. A home inspection report can help sellers prepare their home for sale and can help buyers better negotiate a purchase with the owner. It will also help buyers prepare for future expenses; even if a system is in good order now, an inspection will tell you the age of systems and when they will likely need replacement or repair.

If radon occurs in your area, be sure to hire an inspector who can test for radon levels in the home. Radon testing and mitigation /reduction techniques are relatively inexpensive. If the home has evidence of mold, a moldy smell, or you otherwise suspect mold, hire a professional to test for the presence and toxicity of mold in the home. If mold is found, it may be possible to remove it yourself, or you may have to hire a professional mold removal service and determine the root of the problem as well as a strategy for preventing future growth; either way, the inspection will let you know what to expect upfront and help you avoid the dangerous health issues that can accompany mold.

Get the rest of the article on the Equifax Finance blog, where you can also find more helpful articles on real estate and articles on other personal finance topics including credit reports, identity theft protection, retirement, insurance, taxes, saving money and more.

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