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Help HomeAid Atlanta Battle the Rising Numbers of Homelessness

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Those of you who lived through the Great Depression may understand what America is going through better than the rest of us. The economic situation today has changed the face of homelessness.

Like it was back in the 30s, families who had once been financially stable are finding themselves on the streets after major events that they would have been able to overcome five years ago. A hospital stay for someone without insurance could leave that person out on the street. An overwhelming credit card bill after months without a job can lead to losing the roof over one’s head. It is far too easy to be pushed over the edge when you’re barely hanging on.

A recent series on CBS News, “Children of the Recession,” shows children living on the streets or in motel rooms, unable to be just a kid. Statistics show that one in 50 children in the United States is homeless and these numbers are continuing to grow.

HomeAid Atlanta is a group that exists to help homeless families by providing a safe, stable place for them to stay while the parents get back on their feet. HomeAid builds and renovates transitional housing so that local homeless service providers can accommodate the increasing number of families relying on their services. Transitional housing also offers services such as job and life skills training.

With your support, HomeAid Atlanta can continue to build transitional housing that allows Atlantans to get back on their feet with dignity. Remember that HomeAid is the non-profit organization of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and needs the support of the local real estate industry. Do what you can to spread the word about our mission and program. For more information on how you can help, please visit HomeAid’s website.

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