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Don’t Go it Alone Out There – Reasons to Pick an Agent in 2014

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While we all know that home buying has become easier with the internet through online searches, listings, online prequalifications and more, there are still reasons that you should have a real estate agent when you are looking to buy a home in the Atlanta area in 2014. An agent can be your best bet when it comes to finding the perfect home for you while holding your hand through the process. Even though it’s the era of do everything yourself, Equifax shares reasons why you should call a brokerage in the new article, ”

Real Estate Tips: Four Reasons You May Want to Use a Buyer’s Agent.”

For instance, while many homes are listed online, not all hit the websites at the same time and agents often know when homes in desirable markets will be coming onto the market, so an agent can help buyers navigate things before they reach the web. In some cases, homes are not listed to the public or on the multiple listing services that feed online listings, so an agent is especially valuable for these.

Getting an agent on your side means you have someone with all manner of skills for the home buying process – something that you do a few times in your lifetime and they do every day – on your side. From knowing what is a deal breaker to what can be worked through, a real estate professional is one part hunter, one part negotiator, one part paperwork guru, one part networker and all parts expert. To learn more about reasons why to contact a real estate professional, just check the National Association of Realtors®.

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