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CR Deal of the Month – Classy Italian Granite from Antolini

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With over 20,000 square feet of countertops in our Atlanta slab gallery, you may feel overwhelmed with all of the options. Construction Resources is starting off the new year with a new program that will help you find some of the best stone countertops we have available, and you don’t have to wait until our next seasonal sale to get great discounts on top of our already competitive prices!

We’re starting this program off with a natural stone countertop from the Italian stone masters at Antolini, and it is a white countertop option so we know you’re going to love it! The White Torroncino is a gorgeous, primarily white granite with character and variations formed from a magma that slowly cooled over millions of year ago. Then, tectonic forces continued to transform it, modifying the existing crystals while adding new silver and black ones. Over time, it reemerged on the earth’s surface as this distinctive, light-hued granite.

White Torroncino is available in full size slabs that we are ready to help you design, fabricate into the project you desire and install for $49 a square foot. This special price is only available in the month of January at our Atlanta location and when paid in full, so be sure to stop by the Decatur slab gallery at 224 Rio Circle today to see the material for yourself! While there, you can see the hundreds of other options we have for the perfect surface for your next project, from exotic Italian stones to domestic environmentally-friendly composite surfaces.

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