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Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio: and Edifice Inspections

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We’re excited to have a pair of very special housing experts on the award-winning Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio Show: Dana Danvers, a sales analyst for SouthEast Real Estate Investments and Bill Garwood, home inspector for Edifice Inspections.

As a sales analyst and valuator for SouthEast Real Estate Investments, Dana is drawn to the data of housing and works to make sure that the properties that shares – residential, commercial and lots and land all throughout the Southeast – are priced aggressively for the markets in which they are located. A big part of this has to do with their new website, which Dana has been directly involved with, along with the website architects at Marketing RELEVANCE. Together, they have made an easy-to-use website where buyers can explore each type of property and get all of the information they need in order to make a decision about whether a property is right for investment.

While is not a builder or a brokerage, they work hand-in-hand with “cream of the crop” agents from all across the Southeast to make sure that the buying experience is worry- and hassle-free, with quick follow up and replies to questions and offers. In addition, they work with builders on a number of their projects, including Patrick Malloy on their series of new construction homes in Newnan, StoneBridge at Newnan. They are also involved in a number of other new construction opportunities, which you can explore on their new website in the Communities Corner.

SouthEast Real Estate Investments has commercial options with a variety of uses as well, from office to retail, including stand-alone, connected and mixed-use opportunities. When it comes to land, there is everything from prepared to build-ready to raw acreage and hunting land. There are even opportunities for equestrian residences with 10 acre land plots that are perfect for those looking to expand to their own piece of peace and quiet.

Now, in addition to being a great resource for those looking to buy, the new site is offering a special deal with a chance to win a $100 Target gift card! Just visit and complete the scavenger hunt, which will take you through each facet of the site with three simple questions. After entering, be sure to like on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to be the first to know if you’ve won and to be in the loop to learn all about new properties as soon as they are listed!


Today’s Deal of the Day is a special deal to help save the community with HomeAid Atlanta, who call on you to join them for the 13th annual Essentials for Young Lives Drive April 28 through May 6. This drive gathers materials and funds for homeless mothers and young children, the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population. Items sought for this drive include diapers/pull-ups, baby wipes, baby food, formula, baby hygiene products and the like.  Everything collected through the drive will be distributed by HomeAid to local nonprofit organizations serving homeless families and children in the metro Atlanta area.

Businesses, community organizations and individuals are invited to participate in the drive by collecting essential baby items from among their employees, customers, members, friends and families.  Your organization can serve as a collection site, internally or open to the public.  You can also participate just by making a donation of new items to any public drop-off site located around the metro Atlanta area, including HomeAid’s office in Tucker. A list of drop-off sites is available online at Donations can also be made online through HomeAid Atlanta’s baby registry at To access the registry, enter “HomeAid” for the registrant’s first name and “Atlanta” for the last name.  All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.


The second guest today is Bill Garwood, one of the leaders of Edifice Inspections, Inc. Edifice has been in the business of home inspection since 1989, and Bill has been an outspoken member of the inspector community working in the field on homes, as a writer for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and as a radio and television personality speaking on the importance and ins and outs of home inspection. He founded Edifice with two other inspectors to consolidate resources and expand operations across metro Atlanta.

Bill joined us to share the reasons for inspection, which has to do with empowering buyers with knowledge about a home so that they know what they are getting into when purchasing a home. Where a real estate agent is set to handle helping to find properties and all the legal sides of a property purchase, an inspector does an analysis of the condition of the property based on modern codes and practices, including the building, systems, plumbing, walls, roof, drainage and more. Inspectors work with old and new homes alike, and have to get dirty exploring all the hidden and infrequently-accessed areas of a home.

Bill goes on to explain the importance of testing for radon and mold. Radon is a naturally occurring gas that rises from the soil and requires good ventilation and air movement to keep from building up and impacting homeowners with cancer-causing odorless, tasteless, colorless gas. Edifice does Radon testing and can help discuss potential remedies. The second hot button issue is mold, which is a moving target because it is everywhere and people have different tolerances of mold. Edifice offers air testing to determine how much mold is in the air, and can offer remediation recommendations based on the amount and source of mold, which is most often found in confined spaces with trapped moisture.

To learn more about Edifice, visit or call 770-594-2222 to schedule your inspection today!


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