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Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio: Parksite

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Welcome to Atlanta Real Estate Forum Radio’s “All About Real Estate” edition featuring John O’Driscoll, a market development manager with Parksite. Parksite is a sales, marketing and distribution organization serving the building industry, and it is 100 percent employee owned. The company provides specialized products, training and consultative services to markets along the East Coast.

Parksite is known for bringing new and innovative products to the market, creating demand and helping to build brands. In fact, it was the founders of Parksite that came up with the idea to use the DuPont™ Tyvek® product to wrap houses in Chicago in the mid-1970s during the energy crisis!

Tyvek® is a highly engineered material, not just a paper product like so many people think. The product is designed to stop air and water while still allowing breathability. In essence, wrapping your home in Tyvek® is similar to wrapping your home in Gortex. This product is a critical component to saving energy and protecting your home, as it helps to make insulation more effective. As an added bonus, it’s not a very expensive product to install when constructing a new home, making the long-term financial savings well worth the upfront cost.

Another new product Parksite has recently introduced to the market is the very first insulated house wrap in the world, Dupont™ Tyvek® ThermaWrap™ R5.0. This product is basically like putting a blanket on your home, meaning it acts as a breathable air and water barrier like traditional Tyvek®, while also providing continuous exterior insulation.

In addition to house wrap, Parksite supplies lumber products, flashing, roofing, millwork products and so much more. For more information, listen to the full podcast above and then visit


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