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Ashton Woods Homes Wins Gold OBIE for Best Design Center

Best Design Center

Atlanta Real Estate Forum congratulates Ashton Woods Homes for winning a Gold OBIE in the Best Design Center category for The Studio by Ashton Woods. Presented by the Atlanta Sales and Marketing Council, the OBIE Awards are the premier awards given in the Atlanta new home construction industry.

Why does The Studio by Ashton Woods qualify for the OBIE Award? Unexpected. In a word, that is how the builder would introduce you to its Studio. It is built with the intent and purpose of delivering the unexpected for homeowners and industry trade partners. Ashton Woods believes that delivering unexpected and unparalleled design alongside world class service is the essence of innovation.The Studio is an exceptionally designed space. It is the beautiful product of years of vision, of experience and collaboration among designers, architects, builders, homeowners and business leaders. It is quintessential, contemporary design. The Studio is more than a physical space. It represents the chance to share good design, hospitality and relationships with the homeowners.

A few notable elements are:

The People: The people who work in our Studio are not just order takers or sliding bar codes through a scanner for sales. We are friends. We are people who desperately want to help create homes for individual lifestyle, not the masses. We are creative, educated and well versed in what is happening in design today. We want to get to know our customers, hear about college days, what the kids are up to and maybe what the dog chewed up yesterday. Like any good friend, we will share our passion and knowledge for things that will make life organized, easier, better, more beautiful.

The Experience: We have an internal motto at Ashton Woods…surprise and delight. In essence, we strive to create special, customer service moments for every homeowner. At the Studio, this could mean something as big as designing a personalized kitchen layout for the budding, culinary enthusiast or as simple as offering you a gourmet popsicle on a hot day. Additionally, Ashton Woods’ take on innovative design is not just about exceptional design itself, but how they bring it to their homeowners through layers of inspiration and collaboration. In essence, not only is the space important but what happens within the space is paramount. Since opening October 2015, the designers have completed 306 sign-offs and have held 921 previews, averaging 15 a week. Since The Studio has opened, there has been a 15 percent increase in sign-offs and a 25 percent increase in revenue in design options.

For more information, visit or call 678-781-3170.

The Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association’s OBIE Awards celebrates its 36th anniversary in 2016. The awards began in 1980 and have grown throughout the years to include more than 100 building, remodeling, marketing and personal achievement categories. The OBIE Awards are named after the obelisk shape of the actual award given.

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