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2017 Outdoor Living Trends

2017 Outdoor Living TrendsSpring has sprung, and the warm weather means more time outside with your loved ones! Your patio, deck or backyard can be the perfect place to relax and refresh after a long week. Make the most out of your outdoor living space by rejuvenating it with some of the top outdoor living trends for 2017.

The guiding force for outdoor living spaces in 2017 is to make them exactly that – livable!  More homeowners want to bring the comfort of their interiors to the outdoors, and this affects every design decision they make for their outdoor spaces. Check out some of our favorite trends here:

  1. Outdoor Kitchens

Grills already serve as a staple to the backyard, but more homeowners are starting to want more convenience in food preparation for their outdoor spaces. According to Trex, 2017 will bring more useful appliances to outdoor spaces, including sinks, refrigerators, cabinets that withstand the elements and more. Check out some of these stunning outdoor kitchens for inspiration.2017 Outdoor Living Trends

  1. Outdoor Fireplaces

Bring the warmth and comfort of a fireplace to your outdoor space. Your backyard will have an inviting, cozy vibe and will smell amazing, too! Whether it’s a fire pit, an underground fire or a fireplace, you and your guests will love to be outside. See these fire pits and outdoor fireplaces for inspiration.

  1. Comfortable Pieces

Advances in the furniture and textiles industries have made it possible to bring out pieces that are generally found inside the home. Comfortable sofas, armchairs and more that can withstand the elements can now be brought outside for you and your loved ones to enjoy sitting on while spending time together. Inspiration for outdoor furniture displays can be found here.

  1. Outdoor Media Centers

2017 Outdoor Living TrendsWarm weather, friends and family, the great outdoors mixed with your favorite movie, game or TV series? Yes, please! An outdoor TV is made specifically to minimize glare and withstand rain, insects and all kinds of weather changes. Ideal outdoor media centers are covered, so that there will be plenty of shade and no glare on the TV. Get inspired to create your own outdoor theater by clicking here.

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  1. Barry says:

    I recently finished a cedar covered deck project and added an outdoor tv, a Samsung 55″. It’s worth noting that you really need to get a cover on that TV, especially if you are going to leave it out over the winter. The pollen and elements will really do a number on it.

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